jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

So I finally decided to start a blog where I would like to share my travelling abroad experiences, my leisure time activities, or just to write down all my thoughts about issues that overwhelm me.
That´s ceirtanly a blog just for me by any means. I´ve been looking for different ways to externalize my feelings about everything, such a therapy.
I´m going through a full-of-doubts time, regarding to my career, my life goals... and since I came back from a four months trip I´ve done to the US I´ve deepened my challenges.
If it wasn´t for that trip, the awesome and friendly people I got to know, the nicest places I´ve ever been to, I know I would still be the "Nadia" that left the place where she belongs full of certainties about her life... but what I have never EVER imagined was that certainties were just an illusion of safety.
It´s crazy how your mind can turns
towards a different way of life. Mine did so.
And I´m not afraid to say that I´m proud of that, even if it just left me doubts and insecurities about EVERYTHING. Maybe this could be the first step I have had make to change my life.
This is how my new way of life has began.
And I´m ready to face it

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